What is the AIPP?

The AIPP is the Institute of Professional Photography.  I have been an Accredited Member of the AIPP since 2015, and I was a Student Member before that for 3 years.

I am a member of this professional group for many reasons.  It is about giving something to the Photography Industry, being part of a body which seeks to improve the industry for both photographer and clients.  It is a body which is inclusive of all photographers at all levels and which seeks to educate - both in photography and in business practice.  It is also a great bunch of people with with so much experience in a vast array of specialties - how better to learn and improve than from a group of talented, experienced and helpful people in the industry!

The AIPP runs seminars and educational sessions all year, in many different topics - some about technical photography, some about running photography businesses and sometimes about associated subjects like printing and design.  The seminars are invaluable, great value and attending these ensures that we all maintain our continuing professional development and that we also meet all other members, network and also help others.

The AIPP also holds the annual AIPP Professional Photography Awards, and also the AIPP Epson Professional Photography State Awards. These awards are a huge part of the photography industry and provide for continual networking, learning and growth of the industry and they are amazing to be a part of - whether as an entrant or a volunteer.

To become an Accredited Professional Member of the AIPP, the photographer must reach and pass certain standards in relation to the quality of their photography work, they must achieve certain experience and educational standards and also must conduct their business in accordance with AIPP requirements.  A photographer applying for full accreditation must submit a portfolio of images to be assessed by AIPP judges nationwide and achieve high scores for those. In addition the photographer must be carrying on a business and have been doing so for a minimum of time, or hold a recognised photography qualification (or both).

Im terms of the photographer's business, the AIPP requires that you are operating a legitimate business for profit, that you conduct your business in an ethical manner, that you hold the required business insurance and registrations and that you provide a high quality of service and products to your clients.  You must also take part in continuing development and education. These standards must be constantly adhered to.

I am a proud Accredited Professional member of the AIPP, and I very much enjoy being a part of it.  I am proud to be considered a Professional Photographer who has met the required AIPP standards and I happily continue to do so.  I also hope to partake in the 2018 SA AIPP Epson Professional Photography Awards later this year.

If you are interested in the AIPP and what it means for you, as a client, or as a fellow photographer, please visit their amazing website at www.aipp.com.au