If you require professional, high quality images which will capture perfectly, memories for your family, your special moments or powerful and effective images for your business, all with a great photography experience and excellent customer service, the investment required is contained below.  

Please feel free to contact Jacqui Williams Photography with any questions you may have.


Family Photography Investment

One Hour Session


This is a session which is ideal for a smaller family with children, a couple or just the kids.  One hour is a perfect length of time to ensure sufficient images are captured, without the kids losing interest.  It is also enough time for us to move around our location and shoot in a few different locations, such as some different spots within a park or a garden.

A one hour session can be used for families, couples, kids or such things as an engagement session, individual portraiture and it is perfect even for grandparents and the kids.  

Locations can include your local park, your home and backyard, the beach or some of the larger parks such as the Adelaide or Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens, and the Adelaide Himeji Gardens, to name a few.  As I live in the Barossa Valley, you are welcome to come up to visit for the day, experience the Barossa and have a session in some of the lovely surrounds.

You are provided with a USB of completed digital images - usually around 50 images for the hour.

Two Hour Session


This is a session which is ideally suited to large family groups - such as grandparents, multiple siblings and all of the cousins.  There is enough time to have a large group photo, as well as photos in family groups, generation groups, gender groups as well as individual images and couples as well.  It also allows for some movement around an area to ensure a varied background.

The locations most suited are mentioned above in the One Hour Session information but do not forget to take into account the parking needs for quite a few of the family.

You are provided with a USB of completed digital images - usually around 100 images for the hour.

Family Events $299/hour with two hour minimum charge

Family events are engagement parties, milestone birthday parties, graduation ceremonies, school formals, sporting presentations, Christenings and naming ceremonies and so on.  These events are usually held indoors but can be outdoors also.  With evening and indoor events, the flash must be used.

For these kinds of events, if you wish to share your images on social media at a later stage, it is wise to check with all of your guests as to whether this is okay with them, and is it also important to let all guests know that a photographer will be present at the event.

You are provided with a USB of completed digital images - usually around 50 images for each hour of shooting however this depends very much on the event itself and that number can often be less than 50.

If the event is one that is held in a church, such as a Christening, please bear in mind that many churches are quite dark and many do not allow flash photography - it is best to check with them before the event goes ahead, and let me know.

Pregnancy, Birth & Newborn Investment

Pregnancy Portraiture


Pregnancy portraiture is best at around 32 weeks or more, gestation so that your lovely bump will be prominent in your images.  An hour is usually more than enough time, as Mum-to-be can be very tired at this point, especially if she already has babies and children, and has not been sleeping well.

Every effort it made to ensure Mum is comfortable, has rest and fluids during the session when needed, and is able to sit if required. A location will be chosen which is close to civilisation and amenities, should the need arise.  It is wise for Mum to bring a drink and snacks.

You are welcome to wear what ever you like to your session, but if you would like a maternity dress or drape for the session specifically, please ask and I can point you in the direction of suppliers of gowns made for this purpose which are lovely and affordable.

You will be provided with a USB of completed digital images - usually around 50 images for the hour.

Birth Photography


Birth photography usually requires some organisation in advance.  I will need to know the hospital where you will be having your baby and you will need to ensure that you have the required consents (from your obstetrician, midwife and hospital as required) and you may also need to consider the consent for photography in theatre, in addition to the labour ward, should this be needed or if you require this.  I have the required business insurance for birth photography.

I will need to know your estimated due date, so that I can plan to be on call around the dates that you are expecting to have your baby, or even the dates that you are being induced, once you are given these. Ideally I would arrive when you begin labour, but this is really up to you.  

What is photographed is only what you are comfortable with.  Some clients would like the entire experience captured - labour, delivery, cord cutting, placenta deliver, cuddles, weighing and measuring, bathing, first clothes, meeting the siblings and all of the details such as name cards, birth records and so on.  Some clients only wish to have labour captured, and then cuddles after the birth, without the delivery being captured at all.  I stress that this is entirely up to you, and the session will be tailored to your individual needs and preferences. 

We would usually discuss planning and preferences well in advance of the birth date, either electronically, via phone or in a meeting.

You will be provided with a USB of completed digital images - it is difficult to predict with any accuracy how many images you will receive.

Lifestyle Newborn


I offer lifestyle newborn photography for babies in the first two weeks after the birth.

Lifestyle photography is where the family of the new baby are included in all of the images, rather than only posed images of the baby on a posing pod with various props.  I do not do the posed kind of photography but if you do require this, I am happy to refer you to one of the many lovely professional photographers who specialise in this.

I allow for up to 3 hours of photography, but often this is not needed. I photograph Mum with her new baby, having cuddles, feeding or even changing the nappy. The every day happenings in a new baby's life.  Baby has photos with Dad, and both parents, as well as any siblings, grandparents or anyone else you would like present.  These are done usually in the comfort of your own home, but we can travel to a park if you desire.

We usually take the photos inside, on the couch or in a bedroom and make use of lots of available light in your home to avoid using flashes with a new baby.  I would also usually take some individual photos of your baby, lying on your quilt or their cot or a space that they love, in addition to with family members.  If you like, we can also take photos outside in your yard, subject of course to weather.

The key is to ensure that both baby and Mum are comfortable, settled and feeling good.  There is plenty of time should baby need a feed, nappy change, cuddle or just a rest.  Ideally we select a time for the session when you know baby is most settled and sleepy.

You will be provided with a USB of completed digital images - it is difficult to predict with any accuracy how many images you will receive.

Pregnancy, birth & Newborn Package



This is a combined session including all of the above in one package.  A one hour pregnancy session, your birth photography and lifestyle newborn session.  These are all booked and planned for in advance and you receive the images that you would have received, should you have booked each session separately.

You save $298 by booking all 3 sessions as a package.  You would need to contact me by around 30 weeks gestation to book this package to ensure availability.


Wedding Photography Investment


Included in the price is 7 hours of shooting your wedding and a USB of completed digital images, usually around 400 images, but often more. It does depend on your wedding and your plans.

Once a wedding is booked, I usually contact you regarding your wedding day plans.  Over time, I build a document for you planning your day in terms of photography. I keep in touch with you to ensure that any changes are recorded.  I plan the photography for the day using this document and I send you a final copy of this for approval in the week leading up to the wedding, including times, locations, special requirements for photos and any other requirements.

The most common aspects of the wedding which are photographed include:

  • Bride and/or groom preparations - at their homes, a hotel or often a friend's house. This included photographing items such as rings, flowers, shoes, perfume, jewellery or any other special item. I also usually photograph the bride and bridesmaids getting ready, makeup and hair and also some dressing and attaching the veil, jewellery and so on.  For the guys, I often photograph the button hole flowers, the rings if they have them, the guys all getting ready.  Often the bride and groom's parents feature in these photos, as do siblings and members of the wedding party, especially flower girls and page boys.  If I am to photograph both, the timing and distance needs to be considered in order that I can arrive back with the bride before she departs in the wedding vehicle.
  • Departure -the arrival of the bridal vehicles, the bride and bridal party in the vehicles and then departure.
  • Ceremony arrival - I arrive at the ceremony location (church, park) in plenty of time to be prepared for the bride's arrival. I usually photograph the groom and his men, and some guests before the bride arrives.  Once the bride arrives, I photograph her leaving the vehicle and walking with the person giving her away to the ceremony and down the aisle. I also photograph the bridal party and children.
  • Groom reaction - I endeavour to capture the expression of the groom when he first spies his bride walking towards him, and that of other guests.
  • Ceremony -I then photograph the ceremony, while staying discreet as much as possible.  I photograph each part of the wedding, such as vows, ring exchange and the first kiss and any other special moments such as hand fasting or the symbolic tipping of sand into a vase.
  • Signing of documents - I then photograph the signing of the documents by all parties and usually take a photo of the married couple holding their signed marriage certificate, often with the celebrant.
  • Family photos - most commonly, family and bridal party photos are taken after the ceremony in a location close by.  We usually take photos of the bridal couple by themselves, along with members of both families and also the bridal party.  This can be as long or as short as you like, and is a good opportunity to be photographed with special guests.
  • Location photos - often the bridal party will travel to one or maybe two pre-planned locations which are special for the couple - such as the beach or a special park. 
  • Reception - should time allow, I can attend the reception to take photos of the venue, the wedding cake and the place settings/tables and then photograph the arrival of the guests, followed by the entrance of the bridal party and bridal couple.  We can do a "mock cake cut" photo, or I can stay for the reception to photograph the speeches, cake cutting, first dance and the food, if required.
  • Extra time beyond 7 hours can be booked, if organised in advance.


Extra time - For each hour or part thereof that is required I charge $200 per hour, and also include the extra images shot during this time.

Extra USBs - These can be supplied for an additional $500.

Travel - Travel within the Adelaide Metropolitan Area is free of charge, but travel fees may apply for travel into country areas or interstate.  This will be assessed and charged on a case by case basis.

Accommodation - If I am required to stay overnight, my accommodation and associated expenses must be paid for by you.

Car parking - If any paid car parking is required, this will be included in the cost of the wedding, but this will be assessed case by case.

Permits - Any permits required for the taking of photographs are to be organised and paid for by the bride and groom, unless organised specifically otherwise.

Entrance fees - Should any entrance fees be required for attendance at a venue or any other location, these are to be organised and paid for by the bride and groom in advance.

Commercial & Corporate Investment

Product & Premises $399 for the first hour

$200 per subsequent hours

I can photograph anything related to your business such as your products, your business premises (this can be done at night to capture a well light shop front) and any other aspects of your business such as a production area, factory machinery, workshop, tools, kitchen and seating areas.  I can also photograph your staff as they are completing their work.

One of my specialties in the commercial area is real estate photography.  I am able to photograph real estate exteriors, interiors and also architectural photography, should you require this for your business.

If the session is to last longer than one hour, then the additional hour or part thereof, is charged at $200. 

You are provided with a USB with digital images for your use as you see fit. I am happy to provide images in black and white, and in the sizes and resolutions you require.

Please note that I retain copyright for all commercial and corporate images, but I also provide you with unlimited use of the images, however you see fit.  The images are usually used for social media, flyers, electronic marketing material, newspapers, magazines, posters, billboards and many others.

I can also design brochures and flyers for an additional cost.

Staff Photography & Head Shots

$399 per hour or part thereof

I provide you with staff head shots for all of your staff.  This may need to be organised in advance with myself and your staff, to ensure that all staff required are present for the photos.  I can take these images at your business premises, as long as you have a reasonably large, plain coloured wall for photos.  

I can provide you with individual head shots, in both colour and black and white, and usually multiple styles - for example you can smile for one shot and not for another.  I recommend that staff wear their usual uniform with their associated colours, or wear neutral or plain coloured clothing for shirts and tops.

In addition to the head shots, I can also provide you with a whole group photo, either at your premises or an outdoor location close by, or both, and also other combinations of staff photos, should you require it - such as department groups.

You will be provided with a USB of each staff head shot in colour and black and white, as well as all group and other photography.  

Please note that I retain copyright for all commercial and corporate images, but I also provide you with unlimited use of the images, however you see fit.

Pet Portraiture Investment

One Hour Session


Our pets are as much a part of our family as our humans.  Too often we neglect to take photos of our beloved pets and then struggle to remember them in later years.  As our pets do not live as long as humans, it is important to capture memories with them spending time with our children and family.  It is great to capture the times when we bring a new kitten or puppy to our family, as they grow so fast and we think fondly back to the mischief and smallness, once our pet has become elderly.

In the last couple of years I have, myself, lost 3 cats - one died of old age, one was bitten by a snake suddenly and another was a tiny kitten who became ill.  One thing I am glad about is that I took photos of them all, when they first arrived and at various points in their lives, with my children.  These are invaluable memories and they have also helped us all heal when we have lost them.

Please consider having a portrait session with your pets - whether they be traditional pets such as cats or dogs, but even our bird friends, reptiles and our gorgeous fish. If you love your pet, I can create memories of them for you.

I usually take pet portraits at home, either inside or in your yard - of course depending on what kind of pet you have.  However, I can also take photos at a dog friendly park and any other place you might like to have photos taken. I usually take photos of your pets doing their thing by themselves, but also interacting with you, the family they love.

You will be provided with a USB of completed digital images, usually around 50 but depending on the session it could be more, or less.