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Capturing the every day and the special moments in the life of your family


One thing that we all tell ourselves is "We will remember".  We will remember what our children looked like as babies, we will remember our grandfather's cheeky smile, we will remember the children at their various ages and we will remember that first, 10th, 18th, 21st or 100th birthday.  

Time passes, things change and memories fade.  And there is nothing more heart warming than finding an old photo of the grandfather whose smile we loved, long after he has left us.  The nostalgia of finding a gorgeous baby photo of our adult child.  Or laughing when we find an image of ourselves and the antics on our own 21st birthday.

The life of a family is made up of the every day and those very special moments.  I can do my best to capture as many of these memories as possible.  Generations in years to come may very much enjoy them as much as you!



A beautiful new life growing inside, the moment a new person enters the world and their wondrous first weeks on our Earth with us


For months, a brand new life is growing in your tummy.  This is represented externally by the gorgeous expanding tummy of a glowing Mum to be.  it is not a coincidence that some of the most stunning images of people are of glowing ladies growing a new life inside!

The moment that a brand new human being enters the world is breathtaking.  As a nurse, a Mum of 4 and as a photographer, the process of birth is one of the wonders of human existence and it is a privilege to be present to capture that.  The entire process of labour is so personal, so individual and capturing all of those moments - labour, birth and the treasured moments after the birth - is so valuable.

In the first two weeks after a newborn enters the world, they are brand new, they are still transitioning into life outside of the womb and they are so very tiny and innocent.  These are the days where newborn photography is so graphic.  Babies grow so fast, and lose that newborn specialness quickly.  I love capturing images of these babies while they are still so young and fresh, and capturing images of them with their parents, siblings and special people with all of the wonder on their faces.  

The beauty of lifestyle newborn photography is that you not only capture images of a brand new baby, but you also capture the emotions of the people in their world as they get to know this new life.



Hundreds of special moments make your wedding a very special day


Whether your wedding is an extravagant affair with a church ceremony and 400 guests, a peaceful, gorgeous and simple garden wedding with 50 of your best friends or something in between...  Whether your wedding is something different or traditional... Every single memory is important in many different ways.  However we do it, this is the manner in which we are showing our love and commitment to our partner.

The day is always made up of so many things from the nervous preparations of bride and groom, and indeed the bridal party, to the ceremony that brings tears to the eyes of all.  There are family photos in gardens and beaches which capture forever, the people who shared this day with you.  Then there is the reception where the party to celebrate your love, takes place.  There are details like rings, flowers, shoes, lace and the cars.  There are smiles, tears, laughter and celebration on many faces, including your own.

To capture these moments in time, these details... it is so important.  You will one day look back on your wedding images.  Perhaps in a year, then in many years to come.  You will show your grandchildren your wedding images and they may laugh at the style of the time.  But they will love them as it will give them a window into your lives back then, and you will love them because of the memory and emotion they stir up.



Your business, represented with powerful, fresh and stylish imagery


Your business is you.  It is your livelihood. It represents who you are, your passion and your dreams.  You want people to make a connection with your business, and contribute to its growth.  You want people to see what your business is about and delve deeper.  

Powerful, professional imagery which represents your business is a key advertising tool in the highly visual world we live in.  Prospective clients respond to high quality visuals as it is a sign of professionalism, attention to detail and a focus on quality.  Whether the images are showing your merchandise, your people or your business premises, the quality of those images will represent the quality of what you provide to clients.

Show your products off, show your clients the smiling, approachable faces of yourself and your staff and show them the place that is the heart of your business.  Entice them.


MT Lawyers-26.jpg

Our pets are special to us, they complete our family, whether they have fur, feathers or scales.


Our pets are our family.  They are a part of us.  They are also not with us for long, in relative terms.  We love them so much and they become a part of our lives.  We have frames in our houses with our kids, why not our pets?

Animals are special.  Whether it is your cat or dog, a bird or your fish or even a reptile of some kind.  You may have guinea pigs or a rabbit.  Whatever animal you have chose to love, I can take a photograph of them for you to cherish forever.  

In the heartbreaking moments that I have lost my own pets, I have always been so glad I have images of them to give me comfort and to ensure I remember them for years after they have left my side.  This way, no pet is ever forgotten and they will remain in our hearts.

When you have an older pet, but you have photographs from when they were a kitten or a puppy, you can instantly remember the awkwardness of their play, their mischief as they discover their world and the laughter of playing with a small and comical creature.

If your pet has a spot in your heart, I can ensure that you will always have memories of that special friend.